First Appearance

Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer





Voiced by

Scott Menville

Brian is an 11-year-old year old boy from planet Earth.


Brain met Rainbow Brite by accident one day when he walked straight through one of her rainbows. After the accident Rainbow took Brain with her back to Rainbow Land to remove the unwanted colors. Ever since then Brain has returned to Rainbow Land on occasion and participated in some of Rainbow's missions. Rainbow Brite also gave Brain a key that once he place in any lock, would open for him a doorway back to Rainbow Land. It seems Brain is the only person on Earth that can see Rainbow.

Brian's father is a lawyer.

Brian plays baseball. He was rejected from his school's baseball team which caused him to feel discouraged and adopt a glum attitude. He uses his baseball glove to help Rainbow Brite during his first adventure in Rainbow Land. Upon his return to Earth he is no longer glum and is motivated to tryout for the baseball team again.

2014 SeriesEdit

Brain was a normal boy who happened upon a strange rainbow-shaped key which instantly transported him onto a giant rainbow and found himself in Rainbow Land. Brain would often try to keep his head down and behave as ordinary and plain as possible but gets himself entangled in the battle between the The Color Kids and the forces of evil.


  • In the original animated series Brain was literally an ordinary human boy. In the 2014 reboot he and Krys were now related.

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