King of Shadows




Humanoid Shadow Creature

First Appearance

Beginning of Rainbowland - Part 1


Dark Magic

The King of Shadows was a fierce and mysterious being of darkness.


When Wisp first came to Rainbow Land, it was not the colorful world it used to be. Instead it was a dark barren wasteland, filled with wild monstrous beasts. And the ruler of the land was the King of Shadows. Once he learned of Wisp's arrival in his domain, the King of Shadows employed Murky Dismal and Lurky to stop her in her quest to retrieve the Color Belt, rescue the Color kids, and find the Sphere of Light. After Murky failed, the King attempted to destroy her himself, by holding Baby Bright as a ransom for the Color Belt. However, Wisps determination to save the baby released the Sphere of Light from within the baby. In the end, the King of Shadows was no match for the combined power of the Sphere of Light. Defeated, he vanished into the void, leaving only his tattered cape behind.


  • Throughout the entire series, the King of Shadows holds the distinction of being the only major villain to have ever actually been killed permanently.

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