Artificial Magical Creature

First Appearance

The Mighty Monstromurk Menace - Part 1


Dark Magic

The mighty monstromurk menace part 1 6 20100626 1437575915

monstromurk trapped in the magic bottle

Monstromurk is a creation of Murky Dismal.


Monstromurk is much like a genie, coming out of the bottle when Lurky had found and accidentally opened. Monstromurk can fire energy beams from its hands, draining everything it touches of color. Rainbow Brite was forced into making a rainbow wall to surround Rainbow land to protect it, but Murky and Lurky managed to sneak into Rainbow land and use the bottle to trap Rainbow inside. With her trapped, Murky planned to have Monstromurk destroy the wall and then get into Rainbow Land to destroy it and then head for the Earth. Rainbow used the power of the Color Belt to escape the bottle and after a battle with it, sent the Monstromurk right back into the bottle, undoing all the damage it had done to the colors of the land.


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