Murky Dismal





First Appearance

Peril in the Pits


Murkwell "Murky" Dismal (voiced by Peter Cullen) is one of the main antagonists of the Rainbow Brite franchise, the other being Lurky. Murky hates color because it makes people happy and places beautiful. Murky's goal is to destroy all color once and for all, and make the world as murky and dismal as he is.

Murky's motivesEdit

As a baby, Murkwell loved color. He colored the walls with paint and crayons. His mother scolded his love of color and forced him to wash the color off the walls "if it takes him all day, if it takes him the rest of his life", leading to his present hatred of them.

The PitsEdit

Murky lives in an uncolored section of the world called The Pits with Lurky.

2014 SeriesEdit

Murky Dismal is an mad scientist who works for the Dark Princess.


  • Murky's mother calls him "Murkwell" which is similar to the name "Maxwell".
  • Murky is over 700 years old.
  • While Murky and the Dark Princess hardly interacted at all in the original animated series, he becomes her henchman in the reboot.