Humanoid Alien

First Appearance

Star Sprinkled


Plock is a salesman who once tricked Twink into giving him deed to all the Color caves.


Plock will try to sell anyone anything, from a magic potions, to magic apples. Plock went to Rainbow Land awhile back hoping to strike it rich selling tickets to the Color Caves. He even managed to get the caves signed over to me by Twink. But when he met Murky Dismal and the pair did not get along. After the confrontation with Murky was over, so Plock gave the deeds to the caves back to her.


  • Plock's style of salesmanship plays on the myth of the "Magic Beans" from Jack and the Beanstalk. In the story, Jack is considered fooled by a traveling salesman in to purchasing Magic Beans. Here Twink is fooled by Plock in signing away the Color Caves for "Magic Seeds" which will "Grow" Star Sprinkles instead of Color Crystals.

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