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Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer


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Rainbow Brite is a lovable, creative little girl who uses the colors of the Rainbow to bring peace and happiness to all. The character was voiced by Bettina Bush.


Though small in stature, Rainbow's good deeds and the magic she performs with her Color Belt more than make up for her size. Originally she went by the name Wisp, before being granted the title Rainbow Brite. Rainbow Brite wields a magical tool called the Color Belt, which produces a powerful multicolored energy force in the form of a rainbow.


Wisp in part one of "The Beginning of Rainbow Land".

Rainbow brite is carefree and fun-loving, but her work comes first. She might abandon a playful afternoon to save a sun-drenched wheat field from losing all its yellow or to save a rain-starved forest from losing all its green. She colors things by scattering the "Star Sprinkles", which become magical only when sifted through Rainbow's very own fingers. Along with her horse, Starlite, and her helpers, The Color kids, Rainbow Brite brings hope and happiness to all.

Return to Rainbow Land; 2014 SeriesEdit

Having retired as guardian of Rainbow Land, Rainbow Brite is now a normal teenager living with her family in North American suburbia. She still enjoys wearing multi-colored clothing (usually with denim miniskirts), and works as a sketch artist. However, when the Dark Princess takes Rainbow Land by storm (in every sense), Tickled Pink and Moonglow seek out their old friend to help lead a resistance movement. And so does Rainbow Brite rediscover her childhood identity, using her sorcerous abilities to overthrow the Dark Princess...while bringing color back to every corner of the universe.



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