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Rainbow Brite, Twink and Starlight.

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An orphan girl named Wisp was sent to a colorless world by an unknown force to bring color to it. She befriends Twink, Starlight, and the Color Kids. After finding a magical belt, she uses it to vanquish the Dark One, aided by Murky Dismal and Lurky. The world was now filled with color and Wisp was renamed Rainbow Brite. The rest is history.


Beginning of Rainbowland - Part 1 - Wisp comes to a gloomy and desolate Rainbow land where she must find the sphere of light and the color belt to return the land to beauty. meets Twink and Starlite

Beginning of Rainbow Land - Part 2 - Wisp goes on a search for the color kids, finds Baby Brite and defeats the king of shadows with the help of Baby Brite, who was the sphere of light all along. Rainbow land freed from darkness and Wisp is renamed Rainbow Brite and tasked to keep the universe bright and colorful

Peril in the Pits - Rainbow meets a earth boy named Brian when he walks through a rainbow and must return with her to Rainbow land to have the colors removed. the color kids are captured by Murky, who steals the color belt when Rainbow, Starlite, Twink and Brian try to rescue them and uses it to drain the colors out of Rainbow Land. Rainbow and the others escape the pits, reclaim the belt and say goodbye (for now) to Brian.

The Mighty Monstromurk Menace - Part 1 - A monster Murkey created is accidentally let loose and begins draining the colors from Rainbow Land. Brian uses the magic key to come and help and as he comes, his rainbow is destroyed by the Monstromurk, Rainbow saves him and when they arrive, see the damage done to Rainbow Land. she makes a rainbow wall to stop the monster but is captured in the bottle that held the monster by Murky who sneaks into the color castle when she is asleep.

The Mighty Monstromurk Menace - Part 2 - Brian, Red Butler and Twink go to rescue Rainbow, who gets out of the bottle using her power after Murky loses the bottle and it falls into the river. Rainbow triumphs in a final battle, trapping the monster once more in the bottle.

Invasion of Rainbow Land - An alien crashes its ship in Rainbow Land and since he lives on color, Rainbow and the color kids must get his ship working again before all the colors are drained from everything.

Mom - Murky's mother comes to visit.

Rainbow Night - Moonglo is kidnapped by Murky who wants the night sky to be dark and dreary.

Star Sprinkled - A salesman tricks Twink into signing over the Color Caves to him.

Horse of a Different Color - Krys visits with On-yx and they participate in a horse race with Starlite and Skydancer. Murky kidnaps Starlite and On-yx while Sunriser makes her first appearance, helping Rainbow rescue him and On-yx.

Chasing Rainbows - Murky build a robot that looks like Rainbow Brite to trick the others into taking all the color crystals to the Pits.

Murky's Comet - A sorcerer helps Murky create a comet to destroy the color cave...except that the comet ends up being large enough to wipe out the Pits as well.

Queen of the Sprites - Features the dark princess who was in the film, Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer.

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