Star Sprinkled

Original Airdate

June 26, 1986

Episode Number



Rainbow Night


Chasing Rainbows

A salesman tricks Twink into signing over the Color Caves to him.


Rainbow Brite chases down a flock of birds, to make them colorful, and back in Rainbow Land the Sprites create more Star Sprinkles. Twink studiously makes sure things are done. Murky Dismal makes an attempt to contaminate the Star Sprinkle machine, but fails.

When the Sprites go back to the caves they notices a strange electronic carriage has parked outside. Outside comes a very boisterous man named Plock, who explains he can help the Sprites by giving them seeds which will grow Color Crystals, and they won't have to mine again. He then tells Twink this and shows him a demonstration. If he can sign over the deed to the cave Plock explains, he will give him the seeds. Twink does, but when he later attempts to show Rainbow Brite the trick, it doesn't work.

Rainbow Brite goes back to the cave to demand Plock give it back, but he has set up shop. Plock is using it like a tourist attraction and she demands he leave, he refuses insisting it is legal and she should leave, and he closes the Color Cave.

When Rainbow Brite and the other kids leave, Murky and Lurky confront Plock with the basket, insisting they do not work. Plock replies that they will work in a few years. Murky isn't convinced. He says he wants the cave so he can turn it into a Gloom Cave. Plock realizes what that would mean and refuses. He tries to stop Murky, but Murky murk's him with a gloom cloud. Rainbow fights back, and rescues Plock, and sends Murky and Lurky down the color carts.

Rainbow Explains she couldn't let Murky destroy the Color Cave even if it wasn't theirs anymore. Plock tears up his contact and says the Color Cave is theirs. As long as there were people like Murky around they need Rainbow Brite.

Plock leaves Rainbow Land for another land of opportunity, and warns then not to be fooled again. With things back to normal the Sprites happily go back to work, making more Color Crystals.

New CharactersEdit


  • This episode was released on DVD in the US when it was sold with the 2004 dolls by Toy Play.
  • This episode was originally drafted 12/08/1985 and aired 02/07/1987.

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