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Colour) Kids

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Rainbow Brite often receives help in spreading colors to the people of the universe from the Rainbow kids. Each kid is in charge of a certain color and has their own sprite to help them.

The Color Kids, Stormy, Moonglow & Tickled PinkEdit

  • Red Butler: Red is his color; he is fearless, sometimes to a fault. Red's name is a play on "Rhett Butler" from GONE WITH THE WIND. His sprite is Romeo.
  • Lala Orange: Orange is her color, Lala is a very girly girl. Her sprite is OJ
  • Canary Yellow: Yellow is her color; she is laid-back and easygoing. Her sprite is Spark.
  • Patty O'Green: Green is her color, She is known for her pride and knack for practical jokes. Her sprite is Lucky.
  • Buddy Blue: Blue is his color, he's the most athletic of the Color Kids. His sprite is Champ.
  • Indigo Doll: Indigo is her color. She likes to sing, dance and entertain her friends. Her sprite is Hammy.
  • Shy Violet: Purple is her color. She is the brainiest of the Color Kids, with a habit of giving overly complex and technical analyses where layman's terms would suffice. Her sprite is called IQ.

Other Kids of Rainbow LandEdit

There are others in Rainbow Land who help Rainbow and the color kids keep Murky from spreading gloom and doom.

  • Tickled Pink: Magenta is her color. She is bubbly by nature, and smiles often. She's also a talented baton twirler, as seen in "Murky's Comet".
  • Stormy: She lives in the clouds, where she enjoys making rainstorms. She's down-to-earth, sometimes to the point of being cynical. Yet she's also decent-natured and always willing to help when Rainbow Land is threatened by Murky or anything else. Stormy rides a flying horse named Skydancer.