Tickled Pink





First Appearance

Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer


Pink-Colored Energy Manipulation
Aqua-Colored Energy Manipulation
Magenta-Colored Energy Manipulation
Peach-Colored Energy Manipulation

Tickled Pink is the Color kid responsible for the color pink.


Tickled Pink is also in charge of protecting the female Sprites, who help her mix standard color crystals to make other colors, such as aqua, magenta, and peach. Pink greatly enjoys spending time with Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids. She stands with the other Color Kids whenever Murky Dismal attempts to sow chaos in Rainbow Land.

In "Return to Rainbow Land", Tickled Pink - now a teenager - was held prisoner in the Color Castle by the Dark Princess who had recently conquered Rainbow Land. She escaped with the aid of her old friend Moonglow; together, they sent Puppy Brite and Starlite to find a now-adolescent Rainbow Brite for help in taking their colorful kingdom back from the evil Princess.



Rainbow Brite gallery see, Tickled Pink/Gallery.

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